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NA rules are as followed below. Video will explain more in depth as well. Enjoy!

Rules for the 2014 Season and forward
Teams will only be allowed to carry 5 NA players per roster for the year
Any team that picks up an NA player with out dropping one with the same move bringing them over limit will have the action reversed
Teams can pick up any NA player they wish, whether starting this year or in 5 years and held indefinitely
At the start of the season after 30 keepers have been made with the additional NAs you'd carry over and auto draft complete players may use waiver pick to add additional NA players as long as they are not over the NA limit
~~A. If during the first week of the season players are moved to the minors and a team is over the NA limit they will be given through that first week of the season to drop to the 5 NA limit (Must be at 5 NA players by week 2 start time)
~~B. If teams do not adhere to rule A the Commish will drop the lowest ranked NA on your team until you reach the 5 NA limit
~~C. Teams that have rule B applied to them will also lose their waiver ranking for the year and be placed at the 12th position at the start of every month
If a player is caught with PEDs and serving suspension time on NA. This will not count towards 5 player total. Same for Bereavement
If player is injured and sent for assignment on the NA. This will not count towards 5 player total.
Any trades involving NA players can be brought to the Commish for a swap of players "behind the scenes".
I dont expect teams to drop an NA in hopes their waiver claim will go to them. You can claim the new NA and if you are awarded that player you MUST drop an NA by the end of that day to fall with in the 5 count. This goes for any trades as well. Teams can make the trade and as soon as that trade has processed that team will need to comply to this same set of rules. This must be followed. Any of the aforementioned transactions MUST be followed by a NA drop before the end of the night. If not the lowest ranked NA will be dropped by the acting Commish.
You have a 2 week grace period for in season players that have been sent back to the minors. If a called up player is sent down then from the start of the Yahoo NA tag, you will have 14 days to drop, trade, or wait out the call up. After the 14 days ules B and C will take effect
Infractions for none NA compliant:
1st infraction with over 5 NA limit I will just drop your newest NA player.
2nd infraction I drop your newest NA player plus you get 12th waiver wire priority for the year.
3rd infraction loss of 2 NA (allowed 3 total) along with continuation of loss of waiver priority
4th infraction is a complete loss of all NA rights along with continuation of loss of waiver priority
Draft with my 2 minute rounds based on NA players in Yahoo at the time of the draft. Any NAs that come in after the draft will be free game and be pick ups based on the waiver period rules.
Each team will be allowed to take place in the NA draft
Draft will be 5 rounds or less depending on the number of NAs you are carrying at time of draft
Each team will have a NA roster limit of 5
Teams may elect to not take place in the NA draft
At the start of every season teams may drop their NA roster or continue and draft to fill holes as needed
Draft will be in order of previous seasons final standings. Last place teams having round one
***Draft will take place using Chatzy, a free easy to use chat room

                                       The drafting of players will no longer take place                                                
Each team has a player limit of 30 with 5 DL spots for the year (May change as Yahoo makes changes)
Before the season ends teams are allowed to add players to their 30 man roster before the Championship game concludes.
At the start of the new year returning managers must select 30 players for the upcoming season.
Trading out side of Yahoo will be permitted for a 1-2 week max time period before the draft.
Any players over the limit of 30 (DLed players) will need to obviously be dropped in order to have 30 (possible exemption for 2015)
The "draft" will be an auto assignment by Yahoo! No need to have any one present for the draft
When "draft" is complete normal waiver wire rules will apply.....2 day waiver wire for any and all undrafted players
Teams can use their waiver picks to begin customizing their upcoming seasons roster
Teams may begin trades as soon as the "draft" has completed and Yahoo! allows for them.
Waiver order is decided by the following years ending placement in the standings. Last place team recieves 1st waiver


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