League History

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The Mile High Leagues formed in 2005 for Baseball followed shortly by Football in 2007.

It started with mainly a group of friends all working together at CompUSA in Denver. It started with Baseball and grew into a Football league as well.Slowly managers left to run their own leagues.

2009 marked the first year of our new direction into keeper league baseball. We started off small, 8 keepers would be kept from the previous 2008 season. in 2010 we upped the anty to 12 keepers. From there until the 2014 season it was keep what you wish! The 2014 season began the true Dynasty League experience by keeping your full 30 man roster plus minor leaguers to start your next season.

Football for the Mile High Leagues started in 2007, same group of friends that slowly turned into a random group of strangers that would soon make up a really great league of dedicated managers. 2008 marked the first year of the keeper leagues for Mile High and we haven't looked back yet.

In the beginning part of the 2013 MHBL we lost a great Manager, Brother and friend. Devil Dawgs. The Mile High Baseball league switched it's name and included the Devil Dawg name in dedication.

R.I.P. Shaun Pegler

What will be next for the Mile High Leagues?


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